Training Design Tips – 5 Ways to Convert Your Live Workshop to Teleclass Format

Educational programs are an important part of any solo professional’s sales cycle, and a range of offerings helps you to meet potential and current clients where they are in their business and life.

But how do you leverage your time and knowledge to reach more ideal clients and improve your bottom line?

One way to accomplish that is by converting a live workshop to a tele-class (or virtual classroom) format. This format can help:

  • Attract a wider client base.
  • Cut down on the expenses associated with live events.
  • Can be easily repeated throughout the year.

Below are some tips for converting your current live content to a virtual format:

  1. Research a virtual classroom tool. While a phone bridge and participant guide may suffice for your topic, consider a virtual classroom application that will allow for better interaction with your audience. Many of these applications allow for chatting, polling, and breakout sessions – much like a live environment.
  2. Organize your content into smaller pieces. Your participants need time to process and apply your content. Review your content for logical breaks by topic. For example, your full-day workshop may be broken down into six 1-hour topics.
  3. Build engagement in the virtual classroom. In this environment, you’re competing with outside influences like email, the internet, phone calls, and other home distractions. Your course must offer ways to keep their attention focused on the topic. Polling, allowing someone else to share their screen, conversation, and frequent changes are all ways to keep the class moving and the participants engaged.
  4. Use multiple instructional elements. Participants come to your class with a wide range of experience, motivations, and learning styles. Instructional elements should blend to accommodate visual, auditory, and tactile learners. Think about using video, participant guides, or recording the sessions for later use by the class.
  5. Update your marketing. Because you have a wider potential audience, you will want to review your sales letter, registration process, and marketing techniques. For example, you may create a social media campaign to market your virtual offering, or create a joint venture with trusted partners, asking them to market your offering to their subscriber list for an affiliate commission. Get creative so you can attract the widest possible audience within your target market!

Virtual Assistant Services: The Best Way to Hit Your Goals on Time

As human beings, we are always full of goals that test our ability and lead us to success. Goals can be short-term or long-term plans, but, regardless of how long they should be achieved, goals act as stimulant that triggers us to work harder and do better. Achieving goals is not easy, but it is something everyone can work on.

Hitting your targeted goals as planned is a huge factor in gaining success especially in business. You can’t do it all alone, though. You need some people to work with. This is where virtual assistant services play an important role. Virtual assistants will help you complete tasks on or before the time without compromising the other important matters. They can even help your company save a lot of money and become more profitable. Here are three ways they can help you:

1. On Time Tasks Completion. This is, by far, the most common effect of outsourcing. You avoid wasting time as you complete tasks as scheduled or even before your identified deadline. Virtual assistants can take care of the less important things in your business, which gives you more time to attend to more important matters such as business meetings, conferences, workshops, and presentations. By having a VA on the side, you can take advantage of doing multiple things at one time. As your assistant is doing the “dirty” work, you, on the other hand, are doing profit-generating activities.

2. Effective Cost Saving. If you can save time by having an online assistant, you can save even much more on costs. Getting the services of virtual employees means not needing to provide them with office space, furniture and equipment to operate. Since they work from home or with an outsourcing company, you don’t have to worry about paying for their insurance, allowance and bonuses unless you want to give them. Imagine the amount of money you can save up!

3. Additional Advantages. Outsourced assistants can give you time to breathe from the tons of paperwork in the office. They can also help you promote your business to your contacts or prospective clients, which will surely lead to business growth and greater income. Other virtual assistant services they offer are maintaining the updates on your company website, posting and commenting on different social networking sites with links that would direct to your website, updating your contacts via email if your company has new promotions, making informative flyers for people to learn more about your company and gathering information for your databases.

These are just three things that virtual assistant services can help you hit your goals on time. You can experience more advantages as you let an assistant take over some of your work. With their presence, you can feel progress coming your way each day.

What are you waiting for? Search for a virtual assistant company now and hire a virtual assistant!

Blog For Business Boom: Enroll In The Right Business Workshops

In the beginning, blogs were just personal spaces-a place to express yourself, a virtual diary, a random accounting of your thoughts and your daily activities. In those days, blog sites were considered amateurish, mundane and irrelevant, if not simply silly. But it is this focus on the average, the ordinary and the everyday that personal blogs soon became elevated as major influencers of the moment. By being independent of any institution and by answering only to one’s self, bloggers have become a trusted and authoritative voice in a sea of scripted and sponsored opinions.

From being the alternative, blogs have now gone mainstream and have forged strong ties with the establishment. In fact, there are a lot of power bloggers today who have more sponsored posts than non-sponsored ones. Blog writers with a loyal following can now be more influential than the most awarded journalists and media personalities. In business, it has been proven that the right blog strategy leads to fast growth and profitability. That’s why business workshops that are most popular are the ones that deal with the lucrative connection between business and blogging.

The right business blogging workshop can give you tools and insights on how to make full use of blogging as an important component of your overall marketing strategy. To make your business grow online, you need to launch a powerful presence that will put your brand on top of the competition. This starts with having the right business blog sites that will establish you as an authority in your field and will provide you a loyal following composed of your target market.

Blogging workshops that are most in demand are those that can provide business owners a frank, brutal assessment of their existing Internet marketing strategies. Business leaders find it helpful that their “suicidal mistakes” are pointed out to them so they could stop making them and start looking at more effective solutions. From the right multimedia content production process to the correct promotional style, you’ll discover the right way to ensure the content you publish out there is relevant and of top-notch quality, that it gets the attention of the right people, and that it evokes the right response from your target audience.

Find the right mentor that can help you structure the right content and blogging strategy that will suit the unique needs of your business. Learn blogging and business terms, and experience more visibility, more website visitors and more sales, marking your success both as a blogger and a business leader.

Virtual Executive Assistant – Guidelines to Hiring

Are you planning to hire a virtual executive assistant? The the task will become both easy and rewarding when you adhere to these three recommendations. A virtual executive assistant is a boon to any organization, if the person satisfies exactly your needs. The assistant will be tasked with organizing conferences and appointments, arranging workshops, writing and circulating in-house reports, in addition to dealing with email and other responsibilities as assigned.

Consequently, the first thing you need to seek when outsourcing is how proficiently he or she speaks your language. It’s really important that your virtual executive assistant have the ability to communicate effectively with you and your clients on the phone and by email.

Secondly, your virtual executive assistant needs to be proficient in using Microsoft Office. You may be required to provide a presentation, or compile the information you got from advertising research into a designed newsletter, or a database format. A virtual executive assistant needs to be capable of utilize Microsoft Office and comparable applications in order to efficiently accomplish what’s requested of them.

Accessibility is the third necessary factor. You need to be in a position to access necessary services as and when you need. It’s important that you are in agreement on the subject of his or her approximate availability. Luckily, with present day technical advances it’s possible to be accessible 24 / 7. You’ll need to come up with the best means to stay in touch with each other, in addition to determining an ideal time to do so.

The fourth important aspect of choosing a virtual executive assistant is setting up the fees and billing. Remember that the reason for outsourcing is to conserve on resources. Only outsource the services which involve at lease one of the things previously reviewed. So as to determine the standard rates for a quality virtual executive assistant, an internet search may be conducted. Offer a bit below the going rate for a trial period, so as to allow you both the chance to find out if you meet the requirements of one another. After you find the proper applicant for the position, ascertain the pay needed to keep them interested in staying.

Don’t forget that each time you employ a new virtual executive assistant, you have to take some extra time (apart from your work) to coach him or her in the tasks needed to operate your particular business, just as you would any new hire. This often takes time, effort and money. As a result, it makes more sense to keep the (chosen) applicant you decide to hire both happy and eager to do the job.

Establish from the very beginning how the person will receive his or her pay – via check, Paypal, bank transfer or any other means. To make the relationship with your virtual executive assistant as open and transparent as possible, establish your billing frequency beforehand. It’s a good idea to have that person supply you with invoices for the outsourcing work he or she does, so you will have documentation.

As time goes on, you can develop a professional relationship you both find gratifying, and with him/her on your team, you’ll be able to grow your organization to new heights!

Forex Market Workshop Lesson II – Finding a Trading System

The first step to become a successful Forex trader is to find a good system. You need to look for a strategy that fits your trader personality. Although different trader types means different trading approaches there are some basics that apply for everyone, and you should take into consideration when selecting your Forex system.

1.- Money management.

It doesn’t matter if you are an aggressive or a conservative trader. You need to know how much you are going to risk on each trade. How much are you willing to lose if things go wrong? Money management is, no doubt, an essential par of any system of value. Before you consider to purchase any type of system confirm money management is an integral part of its design.

2.- How much can you realistically expect to make.

Although past performance is not guarantee of future profits it is a good start. If a system have performed well in the past it is reasonable to expect it will perform the same way in the future. There is no system that can win 100% of the time but if it has a high win-to-lose ratio; and you apply good money management rules you can expect to profit from it.

When you buy a system look for one that has a money back guarantee and use your trial period to test it. Although 30 to 60 days won’t be enough to know much about a system’s performance you can use this time to back-test it an get a general feeling of its effectiveness.

3.- Always trade demo first.

You should always try your system on a demo account. One of the beauties of the Forex market is that you can trade live with virtual money. If your system performs well on a demo account you can expect it will work when you trade for real.

4.- How often will you take positions.

Before you buy any system try to find out how often does the system trade. Does it enter positions once a day? Once a week? Several times during the day? Personally I only trade high time frames (In my experience this is a more profitable approach) but you may not be comfortable with this. Finding a system that fits your personality is very important.


1.- Look at least for 5 different Forex systems that consider money management as an integral
part of its design.

2.- Look for reviews of as many Forex systems as you can.

3.- Try to find out if the seller trades his system.