Best Internet Business Ideas – Workshops & Teleseminars

The internet is the new location for learning and regardless of what you want to teach; almost any lesson can be converted to work well on the web. You too can tap into this business by offering clients the ability to set up workshops and teleseminars.

You can do this yourself too and make an income promoting your own product or service. You can also promote another companies product or service and collect an income as an affiliate. Moreover, whether you want to help others or make your own business flourish that profit potential of a Web Workshops is unlimited. That makes this one of the best internet business ideas out there.

You can also focus your business of a specific niche market. For example, you could focus on the fitness realm and offer local gyms to set up online training as an extension to their existing Web site. You could set up web cams and have their classes visible online. The client could charge members to view online classes or offer them free. If you set up a Webinar (seminar on the web) with an instructor teaching to people all over the internet, you can also allow people to call in with question, much like you see on popular radio shows.

You are also not limited to seminars as you could offer clients the option to conduct important business meetings online with audio and video solutions. Everyone in the virtual room would be on the computer screen where everyone can talk and communicate almost as if they were in the same room.

If you plan to conduct the seminars yourself, you will need to have good public speaking skills and be able to communicate the message clearly. A good way to get started is to set up a few webinars based on some of your hobbies or interests so you can get started learning about the process. You can also offer a few free services to get some companies going in this direction in trade for testimonials.

3 Steps to Offering a Successful Workshop

Workshops and seminars are among the best ways to grow your business. Not only are you immediately positioned as an expert in your field but you are introduced to potential new clients at the same time. Another major benefit is that you can get introduced to multiple new clients at once, allowing you to leverage your time. Think about it. You’re getting introduced to multiple new clients in the best possible way. What could be better?

Taking full advantage of workshops and seminars requires some preparation. It requires a few steps. Can you hold a successful workshop without going through this process? Of course. But there are plenty of benefits to be had by taking some time on the front end to ensure you’re maximizing the benefits you could gain from the exercise.

First and foremost, select a topic that will sell. Easier said than done. Knowing what will sell is an intuition not everyone has. Some people have a natural ability to identify what will sell and what won’t. But a good place to start is to look at what’s selling already. There are people and companies spending millions of dollars to see what people are looking for and there’s no reason you can’t use their research results yourself.

Look at the front covers of popular magazines in your area of expertise. Trust me; whatever they have on their front cover is selling. Visit popular websites in your field. Again, the things they’re promoting on their homepage are definitely selling. Visit an online article directory and use keywords to search for articles and then sort the results by most popular. Go to Amazon and search for books the same way. Sort the results by bestselling and see what books people are actually buying.

People who are interested in golf usually have more than one book about golf. People who love dogs usually have dozens of things around their house that all have to do with dogs. And people who are interested in internet marketing usually have plenty of literature to support their efforts. Just because someone else has already addressed the topic you’d like to do yourself, doesn’t mean you can’t create a similar product. When people have an interest, they’ll keep buying and buying and buying.

Once you have a few ideas for a topic that will sell, think about how you can incorporate the same theme into a workshop and begin developing the content. In many cases, the online article directories are the best place to get free information. You can go there, print up two dozen articles on the topic and organize the various tips and strategies into your own workshop content. Using this strategy, you can quickly develop extensive content on virtually any topic imaginable.

The last step is to decide where you want to hold your workshop. There are generally four great places to consider: community organizations like Rotary and Kiwanis clubs, municipal adult education programs, for-profit adult education centers like the Learning Annex and tradeshows or conferences. In all of these cases, you can submit a proposal and get on the schedule quite easily and you don’t have to worry about marketing. They’ll provide the audience. All you have to do is show up.

Holding workshops and seminars is a brilliant way to grow your business. Don’t overlook the opportunities available and don’t think you can’t do it yourself. There is a lot more information about this topic on my website. If you’re serious about the effort, I encourage you to take advantage of the resources available there.

Would A Sofa Workshop Help?

I reckon that’s as true of sofas as it is of anything else.

A couple of hours in front of the old goggle box, or 60″, surround sound, plasma flat screen home entertainment system, watching a commercial television channel will confirm that. It would appear that companies that sell sofas have a virtual monopoly during the ad breaks in the evening. They may actually have an all day monopoly, but I haven’t, as yet, succumbed to morning and/or daytime telly.

But at night there appears to be no shortage of adverts extolling the virtues of a number of companies that sell sofas. Each and every one of those ads seduces you with the promise of a sofa to meet your needs at a price that only a fool would refuse.

Now while there are strict guidelines on what advertising can and cannot say, and I’m sure nobody is trying to hoodwink anyone in any way shape or form, the reality doesn’t always match the sales pitch.

Forget the fact that in the adverts the sofas are presented in most peoples idea of a dream living room: large, spacious, roomy, tastefully decorated, and with fireplace, flooring and other furnishings equally as idyllic as the sofas. Sure some people live in homes like that, but not the majority of us. So I can get my head round that one.

The amount of choice is another thing altogether. Are there really that many different styles and types of sofas? I mean, how many different styles and types of sofas can there be? Maybe I would be pleasantly surprised to discover that there are as many different styles and types as the adverts lead you to believe.

A sofa workshop might help. A ‘sofa expert’ could lead the workshop and, with the aid of an all singing all dancing PowerPoint presentation, provide the audience with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about all the different styles and types of sofas that really do exist.

Actually, an even better type of sofa workshop might be one that shows you how to maintain your sofa and keep it looking as shiny and new as it did when you bought it. Then again, maybe not. Because the reality is your new sofa is never going to look as good as it did when you first bought it. Unless of course you keep the plastic coverings on it, ban children and pets from the room, as well as smoking, drinking and eating, and for that matter any actual sitting on the new sofa. Which kind of defeats the purpose of buying the new sofa in the first place.

Could it be there is a market for practical sofas as opposed to dream sofas? That might be a sofa workshop worth attending!

The Pros and Cons of Working in a Virtual Office

With many individuals and companies wanting to cut costs, hiring third parties to do some of their office functions has become a practice. And so, virtual office services have really become in demand and it has become one of the most popular online occupations today.

Being Your Own Boss

If you own the business or if you are a freelancer, you basically own your hours. You can take the work that demands only the amount of work and services you are willing to provide. Of course, you also need to work more to earn more too. But because of this you need to be a self starter and to be able to work independently as well.

If you work better by yourself, working virtually in a home office will be ideal for you. But then you better set up your home office properly too. To setup a virtual office, you need a reliable telephone and Internet connections. You need to be easily contacted through email and through instant messages as well.

Less Social Interaction with Colleagues

Working from home means that you will work by yourself. If you crave for interaction, you need to find avenues for interaction or go back to the office. But if you want to continue working at home anyway, you can attend industry seminars, conventions and workshops. Aside from filling what you are missing in your daily routine, you would even be learning best practices. You would be able to create networks too. It would be good for your career and for you personally.

On the other hand, if you are connected to a company that provides virtual office services from home you could ask to meet supervisors personally to get a feel of the actual business. You could also arrange to go to your company office to meet more people working for the same company. This is also a good way to get feedback from the office.

Either way, you still maintain the flexibility that is offered by working from home. You get to do the work you want to do too.

If working from home is new to you, you have to be prepared of what is required of you. You also have to think twice if it is really for you. While it offers you certain benefits, it is not ideal for everyone. You will be only be good at it and succeed in it if the job fits you.

Virtual Profit Academy Review – Is it the Real Deal?

Does Virtual Profit Academy really provide quality training or is it just another mentoring program claiming to know everything?!

A Little History

Virtual Profit Academy was founded by Gary Danko, an entrepreneur with a track record of over 25 years of success in network marketing and direct sales.

The company is located in Wesley Chapel, Florida. Actually, the company is more than just a training company teaching basic skills to successfully establish a business. The company is a social business network designed to help every type of entrepreneur in the world establish a successful business.

A New Beginning

So, what do you need to do to get started in the company? First, you should get to know about the business. Here are a few of the benefits you get as a member:

o A millionaire’s basic training twice a week with live conferencing or webcast

o Access to the back office including archives and 8 audios of dynamic of success

o Personal success coaching and support

o A compensation plan with 5 ways to earn money

o Marketing tools and resource

o A personalized website with tracking and more benefits

You can find all of the benefits and what’s coming soon in the website presentation.

Second, use one of the three options for becoming a member of Virtual Profit Academy. The cost is $99.95 if you choose the Express Membership option. Or, you can choose a no risk sponsored Trial Pay option at no cost.

Plus, you can purchase the Advanced Seminar Package that will teach you both online marketing skills and investing skills for $695 or $79.95 a month.

The Ultimate Business Bootcamp is a 2-day workshop designed to teach you the vital marketing and leadership skills you need if you establish a full time income from your home business. The cost of the intense bootcamp training is $1,495.

The Compensation Plan

Virtual Profit Academy offers 5 ways to earn income at the basic level.

o You earn Personal Sales Commissions of $25

o You earn Matching Bonuses of $25 from the each sale of your front line Directors

o You earn Training Incentive Bonuses from the first 2 sales of your front line member

o You earn Advertiser Incentive Bonus each time you participate in the sponsor programs

o You earn Pace Setter Bonuses of 1% of the company’s profits

The ONE disadvantage of Virtual Profit Academy can be your advantage, also. The disadvantage of the Virtual Profit Academy 1 up system is you lose the first 2 sales to your sponsor as training sales. The advantage is you gain 2 training sales each time your front line gets a new member.

Basically, as a member in Virtual Profit Academy you can receive training to successfully establish any business.

In the end, you should decide if Virtual Profit Academy is the training program and social business network that right for you. Whichever, online business you choose you can succeed with persistence, hard work and determination. Remember, knowledge of the business will take you a long ways…get the necessary training!